Our History, Present and Future

1971 | The company is founded

When Valter Johansson was in his 70s and having ran and sold multiple companies during his career, he made another start-up in 1971, B.R.A Maskiner; now Brightec Production, which started as an automatic machine turning company in a basement in Östansjö. The newly graduated mechanical engineer; Jörgen Johansson, having gone through an intern-ship at one of Valter’s other companies was asked if he wanted to be involved from the start, which he did.

Jörgen Johansson then came to buy the company in 1981 and by the end of the 80s the business was moved to larger and more appropriate premises in Vretstorp.

1995 | Own product and CNC machines

Over time, some new owners came into the picture and by the mid-90s we developed a product we called SafeLoc, which was used to lock computers in, for example, large computer rooms. B.R.A Security; now Brightec Security, was then founded to market and sell this product as well as new products and services which we later added to the line up. We also started investing in CNC-controlled machines.

Specialists in key management with alcohol tests

Mikael Boman, who started working with SafeLoc and other products for physical computer security, made his first customer visit  by bicycle. But by the turn of the century, when computers dropped in price, these products were less sought after. We therefore changed our strategy and started working with key management and electronic key cabinets. After a few years this led to the signing of a framework agreement with Post Nord (Sweden’s national Postal service) , who are still our customer today.

Another product we developed is the alco-cabinet – a combination of an electronic key cabinet (for eg: commercial vehicles) and an alco-lock. The purpose of which is to quickly, easily and cost-effectively breath-test your staff without having to install alco-locks in all vehicles.

2008 | Move to Mullhyttan

With all these businesses behind us, we moved the business to Mullhyttan, outside Örebro, giving us the advantage of being closer to home but also realizing our dream – to have the privilege of meaning something to our own local community and to be an attractive employer that conveys hope and faith. We moved into our own, partially newly built and partially renovated, premises in Mullhyttan in 2008.

2014 – 2016 | Generational shift

Between 2014 and 2016, a generational change took place, allowing us to focus on looking forward while carrying out extensive strategy review in order to develop the company by growing organically and to increase profitability through acquisitions in combination with focused business aims.

To enable this, to streamline the various operations and to achieve better governance with growth opportunities, we have chosen to create a group structure.

2017 | Acquisition of Time Terminal

In 2017, the company Time Terminal, now rebranded Brightec Time, was acquired. This business develops the product range Time Spot and Brightec Home. With this acquisition, we have further prepared ourselves to face the future with new innovative solutions.

A fruitful collaboration has been created

Our operations within the Group cross-fertilize each other and contribute to us being able to quickly solve problems and develop, design and mechanic electronics and software. As we have all the expertise in-house, it allows us to be fast-paced in the development of products and services.

We stand for innovative entrepreneurship with a warm commitment creating new values between highly automated manufacturing and digital security solutions for companies and society.

2020 | With the future in sight

We see a bright future! Never before have the possibilities and technological development been as favourable as now. This is of course both exciting and motivating, but at the same time we feel that it is very important we safeguard the individual’s integrity and security in an increasingly digitalized world. People are important and we need to take care of the individual’s value and inviolability in the midst of the technical development of which we ourselves are a part.

Brightec Group will continue to grow in a controlled and stable way in the coming years and we are convinced that the best time is ahead of us!