Brightec Security

At Brightec Security, we have an extensive experience of providing security solutions to companies and the public sector in key management, object management and stationary breath tests.

We also offer the real estate industry a powerful platform providing communication and information amongst tenants and the property owners. The platform creates good opportunities for a sustainable common economy for tenants and smart digital common areas. It also contains a booking and authorised entry system for, eg: building services, guest premises and tenant laundry rooms.

As we want to build long-term relationships with both our customers and our partners, we place great focus on personal service, a thorough holistic approach and great commitment to what we do.

Brightec Security currently offers a number of security services such as:

  • Key management – where we offer a number of different secure and time-saving solutions for smarter key management. The purpose is to create order and organisation that provides efficient and smarter working methods. We offer modern and innovative solutions in digital and electronic key management.
  • Object management – to create order and manage all loose objects that are handled daily by different people within a business. We provide smart systems for secure value storage with 100% traceability at both object and user level, as well as services in object management for companies within the cash-in-transit and the security industry.
  • Brightec Home – a cloud-based service that gives you as a property owner more satisfied customers, fewer error reports and less administration. Our powerful communication platform automatically sends out your messages in several different channels to reach all your tenants. In addition, we create the opportunity for sharing economy among the residents that benefits both the environment and the wallet. It has never been easier and more cost effective to digitally connect your building common areas to enjoy all the benefits of the digital world. Some of the products we offer together with our cloud service are: mobile app, digital entrance board, laundry room booking and access control – all integrated with FastAPI.
  • Alcohol locks – in the form of an alcohol lock terminal that helps companies and organizations to manage the sobriety of their employees. Instead of an alco-lock version we are used to seeing, we use stationary sobriety tests that are activated with personal identification. The system is time-saving, which is a great advantage for a wide range of industries. Today we have many customers in logistics, ambulance, rescue services and industry. We work to encourage companies and organizations in various industries to show responsibility and create a safe workplace with the help of stationary sobriety testing. With modern technology and innovative solutions, the breathalyser can also be connected to our electronic key cabinets and object management systems.

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