About us

Brightec Group creates new values between highly automated manufacturing and digital security solutions for both companies and for society.

Within the Group, we have a high level of competence and long experience of working in all sectors within our companies.

With a wide range of knowledge and experience to work with, we can help our customers with individually tailored products using different methods in construction and mechanics, security, information technology and terminal solutions – where we are at the forefront of rapid technological developments. We are with you from start to finish ensuring your company is well prepared for the future – from solid mechanical construction to today’s quick changing evolution of web applications and cloud services in a increasingly digitized world.

An important part of our lives as entrepreneurs is the opportunity to use our position to achieve a higher purpose than purely economic – to be able to invest and contribute to giving people increased opportunities for their own livelihood and personal development particularly in places where you wouldn’t usually invest. Here at home, we work to create a climate where our employees are encouraged to grow and come into their own, where their work and skills are appreciated and utilized in the best way possible and where they find it fun to go to work.